Our story

Years wandering the lands of this Earth, searching for the answers to the questions, "Who am I? Where are we going?" and "How can we help?" has led us down the path of curiosity. A curiosity which has taken us weaving through times of introspection, self examination and exploration of the world we inhabit. Along the journey, we have gathered a range of wisdom and practices from both modern and ancient cultures. These teachings, along with our own personal experiences, have shaped our story and our methods.

With all of modern societies advancements, efficacy and intelligence, why is it that so many of us feel alone, uncertain or tired? We believe that somewhere along our cultures timeline, priorities have been misplaced and that an essential element of our internal worlds has been suppressed. At Begin Within we aim to provide tools for you to reconnect with yourself and your world, remember your essence and reclaim your power!

We are the medicine, and the medicine is inside of you, so you are the medicine too!

Connie Causa

Connie is a passionate teacher of Andean Wisdom, Yoga and Transformational Practices. She also holds a degree in Ecotourism and has been guiding outdoor activities in NZ since 2007.

Cameron Anderson

Cameron Anderson is a professional Magician who holds a Bachelors Degree in Psychology. Musician, Artist and active in Martial Arts.

To the breath, the movement, the elements, the cycles, the solitude, the rituals, the family, the land, the time, the shadows, the silence, the synchronicity, and beyond.


Deep gratitude to all our Teachers along the way

Connie & Cameron


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