Adventure Therapy

Climb into the unknown

There is something particularly powerful that happens every time we get out of our comfort zone, especially in nature.

Working for many years in the industry of adventure tourism, we have realized the transformative power of outdoor activities. We are supporters of taking a walk in the woods. We believe that a day in nature, in which you get to breathe fresh air and jump into the unknown, can drastically change your state of being. It has the ability to create a deep bond with group members involved, with nature, and gives a strong sense of empowerment.

We offer daily activities such as hiking, climbing, canyoning, rafting, etc., all tailored for your needs and in conjunction with aspects of our Holistic Method.

For a deeper experience, we can create multi-day activities, as a personal and solo experience, with family, or your team at work. Talk to us about your needs and we can arrange a package that suits.


Its all about the art of making time...


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