Yoga & Martial Arts

The art of being present

Yoga practice is the return back to the body, the return back home, where we experience this reality. It is an essential practice of self love, discipline and devotion to life, a real union of mind, body and spirit. This union, in which we can practice and experience being in the body consciously, we can start connecting with more subtle energies, opening a portal for a more spiritual practice in which we can add more concepts (philosophy) and integrate them into our lives, and ultimately to live in yoga, in unity.

Martial Arts teaches us the embodiment of the Warrior spirit within, the ability and confidence to achieve our goals. When we have access to our inner strength, to the explosive force that allow us to move forward and upwards in life, we can courageously deal with any obstacles and overcome our own fears.

This combination of ancient practices allow us to empower ourselves, so we can walk in life with confidence, tranquility, power and presence, which is your biggest gift to this world, your presence.

Our approach is designed for everyBODY, so give yourself the time and you will get the results.

Available for private and corporate sessions 


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