Our Method

Psychology & Shamanism

We have noticed through our own personal healing experience and also working with a range of clients, that often we deal with symptoms of imbalance within ourselves. Symptoms such as: Chronic fatigue, Stress, Addictions, Chronic pain, Mood swings, Anxiety, Weight Gain or Loss and Lack of Motivation, to name just a few. The modern psychiatric approach to the mind can often be very efficient in treating these symptoms, however people will often relapse into the unhealthy patterns that created the imbalance. It becomes chronic, the "new normal" and unfortunately, we get used to it.

The answer to this pattern lies in finding the root of our imbalances. When this becomes the primary focus of attention we can work logically and non-logically to re balance from the ground up.


The use of modern psychological techniques combined with ancient maps of consciousness speak to multiple aspects of our being and effectively find the root of our affliction and from this place of awareness can begin to resolve the cause of our negative habits and symptoms.

Our Holistic Method of Therapy includes a 90 minutes initial session in which we assess your current state of being and the root of what might be blocking you. This includes a formal psychological assessment in conjunction with a subconscious assessment using ancient Andean shamanism. Now that we have a starting point, you will be given practical tools for the body and the mind for a period of time and we will follow up to make sure you get what you need, you are fully supported in this journey!

During our sessions we work holistically, integrating body, mind and spiritual practices. Including: guidance & coaching, meditation, yoga, martial arts, journeying, shamanic herbalism and rituals.

Why Rituals?

Through our history as humans beings we have been individually and collectively performing and preserving rituals of all kinds, such as ways to celebrate birth, marriage and death, ways to give thanks to Gods and Goddesses, ways to ask to subtle energies for the wellbeing of the individual and for all living beings and so on.

Rituals are the language of the non logical world, and the practice of these actions allow us to access the part of our brain that works with symbology, which to our surprise, is almost everything we do. Around 10% of our mental activity is through logical thinking, the other 90% is through non logical and conditioned responses. Experiencing rituals can have profound effects to unblock ourselves from ourselves, so we can remember our clarity and manifest what we really want.

Consciousness maps can find the root of everything!


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